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Lexington 104 Speedway

2800 Sand Ridge Bargerton Rd

Lexington, TN, 38351

Phone: 731-968-8333

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Lexington 104 Speedway will be running a 305 sprint car once a month. Dates are post in the Calendar section

305 Sprint Cars

(Race Saver Legal 305 Winged. Rules Apply Motor will be checked)

10 Cars or more $750 to win and $100 to take green

15 or more cars $900. To win and $100. To take green

20 or more cars $1000 to win and $100 to take the green

July 2nd and 3rd will be a special race. Will post what the schedule for those date are at a later time. Still working out details.

July 2nd and July 3rd - E-mods Topless,

July 3rd -  Super Late Models $2000 to win, Drawf cars, Vintage Cars

Lexington 104 Speedway will be running Race saver rules with the exception of these rules
Right Rear tire - ASCS Med or hard Tire or Race saver right rear tire only
steel heads will be allowed this years but they have to meet race saver head rules with Valve Springs and no ported heads, Cam and Compress, etc.
Titanium will not be a big concerns still have to weight minimum weight this year.
The minimum weight with a driver after race: 1550 lbs. with a fire suppression system.
Cars without a fire suppression system must weigh 1575 lbs. Starting weight must allow for fuel burn off.
Any ballast must be securely bolted, and located between the front motor plate to 12" behind rear motor plate.
Ballast will not be permitted when using a lightened engine block.
With the help of the racers we can build this class and make it successful.
Remember this is a building year.

All classes will be tech.

Please call if you have a question 731-968-8333
Payout for all 305
750 to win 10 cars and 100 to take the green
900 to win 15 cars and 100 to take the green
1000 to win 20 cars and 100 to take the green

You do not need to be a member of any series for this payout.